Helping Businesses Strengthen Their Online Presence & Grow Their Customer Base Through 

Contagious Marketing Strategies.

Imagine Your Business Being Able To Consistently Grow It's Audience & Establish A Larger Customer Base.

How Much Stress Would That Relieve?
How Much Capacity Would You Now Have?
How Much More Value Would You Add?
How Much New Income Would You Make?

No More Stressing Over Your Audience Size & Lack Of Leads. Our Team Will Bring Interested Consumers Right To Your Fingertips.

Charlie Meister

Charlie Meister Fitness

"I've been working with Pinnacle Media now since August 2019 and my brand recognition and flow of new leads has increased significantly. Being able to jump on my laptop and see fresh new leads sent over to me every week has brought new life into my personal training business."

Shawn Getty

EXP Real Estate Agent

"I was referred to Domenic through a mutual friend, so I felt confident in choosing him to assist me with content and lead generation, and the end was result was beyond what I imagined. He  took the stress off my shoulders for bringing in new leads, and my content has never looked better."

Colton Hamm

RV Sites Canada

"Working with Pinnacle Media has been an incredibly seamless process. Our content for our online advertising and email campaigns look amazing and anytime we need to discuss future projects, Dom and his team are right there ready for the challenge that will take our business to the next level."

You Know Who Your Ideal Customer Is, But The Question Is...

With 4.5 billion active internet users & 3.8 billion active social media users, its safe to say your ideal customer is constantly present online!


2.8 billion active users and 745+ million mobile users accessing the app daily.


A visual platform with over 1 billion users and over 33% of the most viewed stories are from business profiles. 


With over 660 million users worldwide, LinkedIn is the dominating social platform for professionals to network and exchange value.


Email is seen as the most professional form of communication. The email list your attain, becomes yours for life.

We'll Identify Your Customers Purchasing Process.

If we can build bridges of trust with your audience members, we can help guide them to make better decisions and ultimately lead them to work with you!

Effective Marketing Is Incredibly Reliant On Having A Proper Sales Funnel Strategy Which Includes The Following...

  • Captivating your audience to create engagement with your brand.
  • Lead opt-in page.
  • Nurturing system to engage with your current lead.
  • Direct access to sales and appointment pages.
  • Highly interested warm leads you can contact directly.

When your brands marketing funnels are established properly, these opportunities will arise for you...

Engaged consumers apart of your audience who have a genuine interest in your products & services, have now subconsciously built layers of trust with your business.

Sales conversions increase dramatically because you now have direct access to an abundance of highly engaged and incredibly interested leads who need what you have to offer.

Effective Marketing Is Incredibly Reliant On Having A Proper Sales Funnel Strategy Which Includes The Following...

  • Captivating your audience to create engagement with your brand.
  • Lead opt-in page with exchange of your value offer.
  • Email nurturing system to engage with your current leads.
  • Direct access to sales and appointment pages.
  • Leads you can contact who you know are interested in your offer.

When your brands public presence is strong & proper marketing systems are established, these opportunities will arise for you...

Engaged consumers who are apart of your audience and have a genuine interest in your products & services, have subconsciously built layers of trust with your business.

Sales conversions increase dramatically because you have direct access to an abundance of highly targeted, strongly engaged, and interested leads who need what you have to offer.

We create the fundamental marketing systems that lead them right into your store, or CRM for direct contact by your team!

2 Unique Ways We Specialize At To Increase Your Brand Awareness

At the end of the day you can have the best product or service, but if nobody knows who you are you're toast. Increasing your brand awareness in the community is a key factor in creating buzz around your business.

Social Proof That Creates "Social Currency".

People love engaging in conversations about hot new trends and topics that have buzz around them. Our marketing campaigns are designed to be consumer contagious and get the community talking about you.

Share Practical Value Through Storytelling.

The first step in business is to first add unsolicited value to your customer. With effective storytelling we can give them useful information they need while entertaining them. During this process, we establish new layer of trust.

Let Us Bring New Life Into Your Business.
Here Is How You Can Begin Working With Us...

1. Schedule An Initial Consulting Call

We want to identify the specific goals you're looking to accomplish within your company while ensuring this partnership is the right fit. After we pinpoint where you want to be, we can then create the exact plan of action necessary to provide you a first-class experience and create the results you've been looking for.

2. Schedule A Follow Up Consulting Call With Our Team

After being qualified and discussing the scope of work your company needs in our initial consulting call, we'll then have a group discussion with our team members who will be delivering our services and getting you the results desired. Within 24 hours you'll have a detailed quote with the cost breakdown of our service delivery. 

3. Complete The Onboarding Process

Before we can get to work there are a few steps we must take depending on what services we'll be providing for you. Our team will walk you through exactly what needs to be done in order to have safe and secure access to your social profiles and setup automatic payment methods for our service delivery.

4. Our Partnership Begins

We've now begun setting up proper marketing systems that will be foundational in growing your audience and acquiring new leads for your business! Soon you'll be waking up to a consistent flow of new warm leads at your fingertips.

 5. Long Term Success Formula

Comfort is the silent killer to all exponential growth. We'll continue to take your current marketing systems we've implemented, and effectively optimize those processes so you're strategies are always at the forefront of innovation and public interest.

Let Us Bring New Life Into Your Business!
Here Are Your Next Steps To Take...

1. Schedule A Consulting Call

This is the qualifying stage of the process. You see, we’re not always a great fit and we don’t commit to clients without the promise of guaranteed success. On the call, we choose the right marketing strategy for you and ensure we are the jelly to your peanut butter.

2. Meet your dedicated account manager

Well, e-meet them. Your dedicated account manager will be your direct line of contact. They will answer all your questions, provide you with reports, campaign updates, training, coaching and support throughout your time with us.

3. Complete content

Since we can’t run your campaign with our faces, we require you to submit a regularly updated collection of specific images and videos. From this, we craft personalized ads for your community to become educated while engaging and qualifying themselves to then schedule an appointment.

4. Launch

BOOM. We launch your first campaign. To aid you with the influx of new patient opportunities, we provide world-class scripts, automated processes, reports, and even an app to make this transition from “doc down the street” to “community leader” as smooth as possible

 5.You've wet your toes, now let's really make a difference

In time, you become the most relevant source of natural healthcare information to your community while showing up daily in their newsfeeds across multiple platforms. The people showing for their first appointment feel like they know, like and trust you and as a result, the likelihood of them accept your recommendation skyrockets. Basically, this is where the magic happens...

Join Our Community Of Happy Pinnacle Media Clients

Pav Parmar

Capture TV

Our team lacked a social media presence which was an area that held us back from connecting with new clients. We hired Pinnacle Media to give our social profiles a new look that would attract clients and they did just that! We're happy to have chosen Domenic and his team.

Luke Shaw

Web Caddy Designs

Finding website development leads was always a stressful experience for myself since my company relied on having new leads being sold our services. Pinnacle Media completely streamlined the whole process, and took a massive weight off my shoulders.

Ryan Rosengren

Apex Fitness

Domenic and his team have a great understanding of social media and marketing strategy. They helped me tremendously with my content distribution strategy which ultimately led to an increase in organic sales through my social media. I'll be a long time customer for sure!

We're incredibly happy you found us in search of the right marketing team to take care of your business inquiries. 

Schedule a call directly with Domenic and get more information for your specific inquiry!

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