We're looking for high-vibing women like you to share your expertise with our community.

What is BWC?

The boss women community is an online place where women share their expertise to empower eachother to thrive personally & professionally.


All the details...

How often do I have to contribute?

If you're selected, you have the opportunity to contribute monthly, weekly, or one-time.

Where will my content be featured?

All your content will be featured on our website as well as our various social media channels and email list. 

What types of content can I submit?

We welcome all passions from finance to holistic healing. 
You can submit written blogs, videos, or audio podcasts.

Once you've been accepted, we will reach out to coordinate when your article or content will be published. 💗

If you have additional questions, email bosswomencommunity@gmail.com

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