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From that day on, your entire career -- no, your entire life -- would change for the better.
The Perfect Job Allows You 
to Reach Your Full Potential
With a great job, you will finally feel like your career is on the right track and moving in the proper direction.

And you can stop spending HOURS AND HOURS applying for jobs -- or hating the one you have. Instead, you can begin the build the career you deserve and do the work you're passionate about.
And once you're in a great job, you will spend your time making an impact on the world

It's true. We're at our absolute best when find our purpose. 

Are you ready to live out your own?
If so, then you're an ideal fit for....
The #1 Way to Cut Through the Competition and Land the Job You Deserve
  •  Award-winning strategies that create unforgettable job applications and job interview performances
  •  Proven for any job and relevant for jobseekers of any age
  •  Techniques already used by thousands of people around the world
What people are saying about the Job Application Masterclass!
"Before Danny's Job Application Masterclass, I struggled to even receive call-backs from employers. Once I applied his writing techniques, the phone started ringing immediately and I received multiple job offers. I am now working in the HR field in a job I love!" 
- Jasmine in Washington, D.C.
About Me
Hi, I'm Danny Rubin! I'm an award-winning career coach and expert on writing and networking skills. 

I have spent my career in the communications field as a TV news reporter and public relations professional. Now I share my powerful writing strategies with job seekers to help them stand out in the crowded, competitive job market.

How do I know my approach works? The techniques are used inside the Pentagon and recommended to educators nationwide.

My mantra is "Write well, open doors!" After we work together, you will understand exactly what I mean. 
A full 85% of my Masterclass students secure at least one job offer. 

Many of them now work at sought-after companies, including... 
In fact, let me tell you a bit more about the job with the Chicago Cubs...
Emma, a Masterclass student, landed a marketing position with the Chicago Cubs. Oh, but it wasn't that easy. She beat out 1,500 people for the opportunity!

How did she do it? By applying the lessons from the Masterclass.

Emma told me:

"I really believe that I was able to make an impression because of your advice—from the resume, to the cover letter to the interview and the follow-up. I am absolutely thrilled!"
Let's explore the Job Application Masterclass
Step-by-step instruction for your resume, cover letter and so much more!
Topics include: how to write a captivating objective statement and how to make every "Work Experience" bullet point jump off the page with sparkling detail
Cover Letter
Why do so many of my students land the exact job they want? They use my award-winning "storytelling" cover letter strategy, and employers go crazy for them.
Job Interview
I draw on my years in journalism and teach you how to answer questions like an absolute pro -- and how to ask questions of your own that will blow the employer away.
Email Writing
I give you templates and guidance for how to engage over email with recruiters and employers so you can use your words to open doors.
LinkedIn Profile
I show you how to write an inspiring LinkedIn profile (particularly the summary section) so you explain to people what you do/hope to do and why you're passionate about it.
Handwritten Thank-You Notes
There's the "regular" way to write a handwritten note, and then there's the Masterclass way. I will guide you to write a note the employer will never forget. It may be the reason you win the job over other top finalists.
Listen to more Masterclass students share their success stories!
Have you ever REALLY told "your story"?
If you've struggled in the job market, then I know what's holding you back.

You're not telling YOUR STORY.

Most of us write job applications "the way it's always been done." We use standard language ("I'm a hard worker; I'm dedicated") to describe ourselves. We then recycle our resume achievements in paragraph form within the cover letter.
If everyone does job apps the same way, 
how will you stand out?
As a Masterclass student, you will share how you've overcome obstacles and found success. That way, employers will understand how hard you fight when faced with setbacks. 

And once employers recognize your true worth, you instantly stand out -- even in a field of other top applicants with pristine credentials.
The "storytelling" approach is an absolute 
game-changer, and I can't wait to share it with you.
"Once I learned to tell 'my story' in my cover letter and during the job interview, everything seemed to change. Employers could understand my true potential because I gave them a concrete example of past performance. Now I'm so excited to start my sales/marketing opportunity at the corporate headquarters for Converse!" 
- Omer in Boston
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Check out these success stories!
Carly Jo
Edelman PR
WATConsult (Mumbai, India)
6th grade English teacher
Exec. director, Funding the Future
Electrical Equipment Company
Exec. director, Hunter College Hillel
Chicago Cubs
Take a look inside the Masterclass
  •  22 comprehensive videos plus worksheets and templates to help you every step of the way
  •  Designed to feel like a personal career coaching session with each new lesson
  •  Closed Facebook group where I (Danny) am available to answer questions and review your resume/cover letter!
Your resume is your "opening statement." It needs to provide clear, crisp information on why you are the perfect candidate for the job.

I guide you through a series of videos in which we sharpen every major section of the resume. I also show you before/after examples from past clients.
  • Objective statement: We hook the employer right away with a section that defines your true value and makes the case that you're worth the person's time and attention.
  • Skills: You will come to understand "Skills" are not vague attributes but rather specific, actionable capabilities.
  • Work experience: As I like to say, "Every resume bullet point must paint a picture." You will create colorful explanations of every job you have held. Plus, I will teach you a strategy for the first bullet point of each job that so few jobseekers think to do. It's all about context...
  •  Education: How to describe your education and why it should appear at the bottom of your resume.
  •  Miscellaneous sections: How to include items like leadership skills and hobbies in a way that's appropriate and flows with the other information.
The finished product: a resume that proves you have the IDEAL mix of skills and qualities for the job. 
mODULE 2: cover letter
Take everything you've learned about cover letters and throw it out the window. The "typical" way is over.

This time around, you will write a cover letter that tells a dynamic story of success 
and shows you've taken an deep interest in the company/organization.
  • The full outline: I give you the six parts to my innovative, award-winning "storytelling" cover letter model. In total, they create an unforgettable document. Don't be surprised if bosses says it's the "best" cover letter they received for the job.
  •  Before/after examples: I show you how I helped previous Masterclass students transform their cover letters. I walk you through each line and give complete instruction.
  •  Full cover letter for your reference: I also provide a "storytelling" cover letter to use as a model while you build your own.
The finished product: a cover letter that "wows" employers from start to finish. They won't want to put it down! 
mODULE 3: linkedin profile
LinkedIn is often the first place employers go to learn more about you. 
That means your profile must make an impact from the very first word.
  •  Profile summary: I walk you through my three-step process to craft a LinkedIn profile summary with impact. When employers/recruiters finish reading, they will think, "Wow, what an impressive person."
  • Alternate profile summaries: I also provide profile summary templates for college students, recent grads and the unemployed. Like I said, in the Masterclass, I have you covered at every turn!
  •  Enhanced LinkedIn "Experience" section: With the knowledge gained from Module 1, you can then improve your "Work Experience" section so your entire LinkedIn profile shines from top to bottom.
The finished product: a LinkedIn profile that impresses anyone who finds it and encourages people to contact you. 
mODULE 4: job interviews
Like cover letters, take the "standard" approach to job interviews and throw it out the same window!

Job interviews should be authentic conversations between applicants and employers, and I will show you how to do it with ease.
  • How to answer any question: I will give you the formula to provide the perfect answer no matter what the employer hurls at you.
  •  How to ask insightful questions: I then teach you to prepare four specific questions that will leave the employer's jaw on the floor. They will never expect you to appear THIS poised and on your game.
  • Handwritten thank-you note: You will also learn to write a handwritten note better than every other applicant. And if you're in the final round against other top candidates, the special note can be the difference maker and land you the job.
The finished product: a job interview performance that will set you apart -- even among other distinguished candidates. 
mODULE 5: extras
Additional guidance to perfect your job search process and make you a great communicator.
  •  "Cold call" email: I give you the template to ask an employer about job opportunities -- even if the company isn't hiring. This email template has helped thousands of people open doors and start conversations. You need it too!
  • Engage with recruiters: How to start a dialogue with recruiters, build their trust and allow them to help you find opportunities. Yes, treat a recruiter like a mentor!
  •  And several other tips and tricks! 
Plus Two More Powerful Bonuses!
How to Tell "Your Story" Worksheet

As you have read earlier on the page, it's essential to share your unique journey within your resume, cover letter and job interview.

With my worksheet, I help you identify the exact right story to share about your work experience.

This part of the job application process is crucial! The right story can open doors and lead to a job offer.

8 Critical Job
Search Email Templates

Topics include:

 - How to make sure the company has received your job application

- How to thank someone after an informational interview

- How to tell your network you're looking for new opportunities and more!

Our closed Masterclass Facebook community 
As a Masterclass student, you have exclusive access to our closed Facebook community. That's where, as they say, the "magic happens"!

Inside the Facebook group, you can ask questions, gain feedback and upload your resume/cover letter for instant feedback from fellow students and me.

Check out some of the conversation already happening "on the inside"!
You might be asking...
When can I begin the course?
Right away! You will receive a log-in immediately and can access all the course material whenever you want -- and for as long as you want.
Can I watch the videos more than once?
Absolutely! You have lifetime access to the material so you can return to it whenever you'd like.
Am I too old for the Job Application Masterclass?
Not at all. My strategies work for anyone at any stage of their career. Whether you are new to the workforce or looking to make a mid-career change, it's critical to write and speak on a higher level than the competition. And keep in mind, the longer you've been in the workforce, the greater the stories you can share. Age is an asset!
Do you offer a payment plan option?
Yes, I do. You can go with the three-month option of $179/month rather than the one-time price of $497. Both payment options are available below.
What if I'm not satisfied?
I offer a 30-day money-back guarantee so if you feel the Masterclass did not add value to your job search, you will receive a refund.
"Few people in my life have been as influential in helping me get a new job as Danny Rubin. Listen to this man!"
Joey in texas

Recently, a young woman named Jasmine reached out for career coaching help. She worked at a chicken plant in Maryland as a temp employee in the HR division. She wanted a full-time job BADLY but couldn’t get noticed in the job market. I could tell she was frustrated and in a tough spot. 

I asked Jasmine about a time in her temp job where she demonstrated work ethic and hustle. She then told me a great story of she worked hard to update cell phone data for 1,000 employees. It was a three-month ordeal that required her to speak with each employee and track many of them down on foot. We used the experience in her resume and as a central theme in her cover letter.

The result? THREE job interviews and TWO subsequent job offers within a MONTH. She then accepted a position in HR at a Washington, DC law firm. What a terrific opportunity!

In my course, I will teach you the same "job app secrets" I gave to Jasmine.
Every Masterclass module and lesson 
I want you to see everything included in the program so you'll know what to expect once you're on the inside.
Module 1: Resumes (Total time: 56:40)

Start Here!
Part I: Never, Ever be Vague
Part II: Objective Statement Tutorial
Part III: Skills Section Tutorial
Part IV: Work Experience Bullet Points 1 and 2
Part V: Work Experience Bullet Points 3 and 4
Part VI: Education Tutorial
Part VII: Miscellaneous Resume Sections
Worksheet: Full Resume Template
Worksheet: Full Resume Template for 
10+ Years of Work Experience 
Module 2: Cover Letters (Total time: 28:04)

Part I: Why You Need a Storytelling Cover Letter
Part II: Storytelling Cover Letter Outline
Part III: Storytelling Cover Letter Parts 1-3
Part IV: Storytelling Cover Letter Parts 4-6
Worksheet: Full Cover Letter Template
Module 3: LinkedIn Profile Summaries 
(Total time: 12:50)

Part I: Why My Approach Works
Part II: LinkedIn Profile Summary Steps 1-3
Part III: Explanation on Additional Templates
Worksheet: Additional LinkedIn profile summary templates for college students, recent grads and the unemployed
Module 4: Job Interview Prep 
(Total time: 24:30)

Part I: Brainstorm Your Stories
Part II: Tell Your Stories
Part III: Craft Your Questions
Part IV: How to Write a Memorable Thank-You Note
Module 5: Extras (Total time: 10:53)

Part I: How to Apply for a Job via Email
Part II: When They Zig, You Zag
Part III: Why College Students/Recent Grads Don't Need an Objective Statement
Worksheet: How to Reach Out to a Recruiter After You Apply Online
Additional Bonus Content

8 Email Templates for Job Search Scenarios
Worksheet: How to Find "Your Story"
Closed Facebook Group for the Masterclass Community
Are My Methods Unconventional?
damn right, they are.
But think about it. How will you EVER stand out -- and land the job you deserve -- if your application looks like every other person in that stack of resumes?

You are more than a face in the crowd. 

You have talent, ambition, grit, hustle and determination. NO ONE should beat you out for the opportunity. You have way too much to offer.

So your only option is to use an innovative, outside-the-box approach. Let all the other jobseekers CLAIM to be "driven" and "passionate."

Tell your story, prove you have the right stuff for the job and employers will come calling.

I would love -- truly, it would be an honor -- to help you write like never before and go after the job of your dreams.

It's all within reach when you employ the right strategy.

"Danny has a golden touch with job applications. He has helped me move from a 'job' to a 'career.' More than that, he helped me find an opportunity that stokes my passion. I am so grateful for his guidance, and I tell everyone who needs a job -- it's all about stories!"
-- Merav in NYC
One-Time Payment of $127
Five Monthly Payments of $29
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