A First of Its Kind Course...
A Blueprint Course for the Deserving Overlooked Athlete...
Learn How You Can Go From Being An Overlooked Athlete, to Creating Your OWN Opportunity Using These Self Recruiting Strategies from a Former Walk On...
Does This Sound Like You...
  •  Feel like you are not getting the opportunity that you need to play at the next level?
  •  Are you on a team where coaches don't give you the exposure to get seen by college coaches?
  •  Are you not one of the "chosen favorites" on the team but feel like you have all of the physical and mental tools to play at the collegiate level? 
  •   Overlooked but want an opportunity to excel? 
 Chances are you're not alone. And I guarantee that if you are willing to take action, work hard, and eliminate excuses, you can create your own opportunity with The How To Get Recruited Playbook. 
The Issue: Too Many Coaches Are Failing High School Athletes and Destroying Their Confidence... 
" As a parent it is tough to see your kid get discouraged about what he or she truly wants to do..."

You might not be getting recruited like you want, but you can learn how to get the attention of college coaches on your own.

Sure. You can hire a recruiter who has some ties to schools.

They can make a profile for you and send it out to coaches for a significant investment.

Nothing wrong with that at all if you have the money to invest and want someone else to handle the recruiting process altogether...OR..

 "You can follow the blueprint of someone who has been there with an exact plan of action for you..." 
I'm Coach Willis ,

Owner and Head Strength Coach at Willis Performance Training located Marietta Georgia.

Aside from just being a strength and conditioning coach, I always take the time to inform people that what really I do is..

...help young athletes who WANT to work, become more confident athletes through genuine coaching and connecting.

But makes it easier to connect with kids who may be in one these unfortunate situations?

I was one of those kids...
My Story...
In high school I was a senior on the football team, worked hard but wasn't even a starter.

Looking back, I never had real coaching that actually helped me to develop as a player.

I was not one of those chosen few guys on the team that the coach put on a pedestal and wanted to see do well.

I was laughed at when I told coach my goal to play Division 1.

I wasn't quite the biggest but had the work ethic and drive with decent athleticism to make it to where I wanted to go.

It was very discouraging not being taken seriously.

I had academic scholarship from Liberal Arts schools that wanted me to enroll, but I wanted more...

I took a chance and enrolled at Florida International University in Miami which was a Division 1 school.

For 2 years I was there as a regular student before getting my opportunity.

Every week I was knocking on the coaches doors asking what I needed to do to get my chance to try out for the team, getting kicked out of the facility on occasions.

It wasn't until my sophomore year that the opportunity came.

Long story short, they finally had open tryouts. I made the team, and eventually got put on full athletic scholarship, started my last 2 seasons, and eventually got an NFL tryout...

After no one but myself believed I could.

...But before that opportunity even came my sophomore year in college, when I thought my chances were slimmer and slimmer from getting the run around from the then coaching staff, I took it on my own to start reaching out to other schools..

I created my own profile, made phone calls, set up visits, and corresponded with coaches...

...And just from doing that, I had 3 division one schools interested in bringing me on as a preferred walk on where I could prove myself and earn a scholarship..

How I Did It...
You see, I was clueless coming through high school about going to summer football camps for exposure, reaching out to college coaches on my own, and believing that my high school coach would do the work for me..

I just relied on my then coach to take action. And my parents really had no clue that I wanted to play.

Just from taking my own initiative, doing some research and positioning myself the right way, I was able to get multiple coaches to email and call me back with preferred walk on offers.
Having gone through the process on my own, opening lines of communication with schools and developing rapport with coaches, I was able to figure out the best ways to reach out to schools and build relationships with coaches...

...a skill that they don't teach in high school.

Having spoken with numerous current and former coaches at the collegiate and professional level, leveraging relationships that I have established over the years, and getting feedback from former teammates and coaches who are now respected recruiters and coaches...

I have packaged that knowledge and am delivering it in the How to Get Recruited Playbook virtual course.

The How To Get Recruited Playbook
"A First of Its Kind Product With Extremely Valuable Resources and Tools To Help The Overlooked but DRIVEN Athlete...for only $87"
The How to Get Recruited Playbook is broken down into 4 different Modules, each with their own respective video lessons along with worksheets and downloads to help you take action.

Module 1: Exploring the "Next Level"
  • Lesson 1: preparing mentally for the next level and making a plan of action to get there
  •  Lesson 2: Discover the demands of collegiate sports and withstanding the pressures 
  • Lesson 3: Revealing the "ALL IN" Principle
  •  Module Activity Sheet
Module 2: Self Assessing & Collegiate Dynamics
  • Lesson 1: How to self-assess and measure where you need to be
  •  Lesson 2: Learn the right timing and leveraging key systems
  • Lesson 3: Initiating research, NCAA Compliance and Getting a Jumpstart
Module 3: Creating Your Outreach Strategy
  • Lesson 1: Laying the groundwork for reaching out
  •  Lesson 2: Learn where and how to acquire the right contacts
  •  Module Activity Sheet
Module 4: Communicating.
  • Lesson 1: Building your platform through social media
  •  Lesson 2: How to Compose the right email to get coaches' attention
  • Lesson 3: Learn phone call etiquette, asking the right questions and extracting information
  •  Lesson 4: Learn how to set up your own unofficial visits and meet in person
  •  Module Plan of Action Activity Sheet
Module 5: Bonus Material
  • Bonus 1: Insight from current and former coaches, recruiters, and players
  • Bonus 2: A scheduled coaching call with me 
  • Bonus 3: Month free ALL access to WPT-ONLINE
  •  LIFE TIME ACCESS to membership course and updated material !!
You will receive a user name and login and get immediate access to the virtual course membership portal where you can complete the entire course on your time and watch module videos as many times as needed...

And because the course is dynamic, you will be notified of any new content and updates so that you will always be educated and ahead!


If you are willing to put in the work, take action on the very steps outlined for you in this course, be consistent and patient, you will be one hundred percent satisfied with the outcome.
As you can see, this is not just a cut and dry online info product that I'm trying to sell to just anyone.

This product is the best tool for you if you are one of those athletes that wants to get a jump start on your own recruiting process, and you are ready to grow your own personal brand and get recognized by the right coaches...no matter the sport.

This is also for the parents of those athletes who really believe in your kids and would rather not have them waste time and follow a blueprint laid by a former collegiate athlete that has been there.

You may be considering hiring a recruiter but don't necessarily have the hundreds of dollars to invest..


$87 for a potential LIFE CHANGING course
but first, a disclaimer..
This is no magic pill in a box.

You will have to do some work and put in the sweat equity.

I created this course to save time for athletes who are really looking to get their opportunity to play at a higher level...

For parents who are vested in their kids and just want them to get a chance and excel at the next level and not get left behind...

Kids who have fallen through the gaps in a coaching system that failed to give them a fair chance..

This is also a great course for that athlete already in a college and looking to transfer and wants to learn how to brand themselves and start reaching out to different institutions as effectively as possible...

But you will have to do the work.

You will have to face the "NOs" you will get.

And you will have to be mentally and emotionally resilient, and most importantly POSITIVE!!

The How to Get Recruited Playbook BY NO MEANS GUARANTEES you a scholarship opportunity just like a recruiter can't promise you one, but you can count on the fact it is light years ahead of not knowing, waiting, and self doubt. 

You will have the tools needed to set you up for tremendous opportunities at the next level. It is up to you to listen and use them as instructed.

A full fledged course with continually updated content and video lessons available for a fraction of its true value.
Only $87 for unlimited access to a course that details how you can get recruited on your own.
This course can save you time, and change your life.

Too many times I hear "Well my coach did send my film out"

"My coach din't give me a fair shot and I lost motivation"

"I lost eligibility because I didn't know about NCAA clearing house rules"

You can pass time and end up like one of these many stories and try to guess on your own how to do it...or follow the steps of a young coach who has been through it, has insight, and is passionate in getting you ahead.

It is up to you.

So I encourage you if you are REALLY serious about getting ahead and getting an opportunity, let me help.

If you are not creating your own, best of luck.

-Coach Willis
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