"Where Should We Ship Your Free Copy Of The Parent's Guide to Children's Behaviour?"
Hi, it's Ruth Edensor here, founder of Child Behaviour Direct.

I am really excited to offer you a free copy of my Parent's Guide to Children's Behaviour programme.  This book is going to show you the root cause of children's behaviour to help you make a long term positive impact for your family.  
Grab your copy today!
If you are like many parents, find yourself spending precious time, 
stressed about your child's behaviour then you know how overwhelming being a parent can be.

Have you ever thought about using, selected, proven, positive ways to 
stop arguments and reduce unwanted behaviour at home? 

If the answer is YES, then I am excited to offer you the chance to have a 
FREE copy of my Parent's Guide to Children's Behaviour Programme.

This programme is designed for parents LIKE YOU who may be Struggling with their children's behaviour or simply want to know how they can help their children to thrive.

This programme is proven to make a positive difference to families that gives you the opportunity to decrease the stress of simply being a parent AND stop doing what makes life difficult.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to:

Find out the root cause of your children's behaviour, take the guesswork out of parenting and solve problems that will only 
get worse if you leave them.
What's in the 4 part programme?
Part one: How you influence your child's behaviour:
  • Explore: exactly what is influencing your child's behaviour. 
  • Become familiar: with your own parenting style.
  • Find out: the secret formula to parenting success every parent needs to know and much more....
Part two: How to nurture your child's true nature:
  •  Find: vital Information about your child's self esteem and the connection to behaviour.
  •  Discover:  new strategies that put your child into a receptive state.
  •  Learn:  how to guide your child to have better emotional wellbeing. 
Part three: Handling unwanted behaviour:
  •  Uncover: the most effective ways to have your child do as you ask. (often overlooked by most).
  •  Learn: to recognise the different types of behaviour. 
  •  Determine: your own individual step by step plan.
Part four: Living happily ever after:
  • How to: stop arguing with your child and start talking.
  • Explore: how the mind drives behaviours.
  • Develop: good communication, work as a team and the magic power of empathy.  and so much more........
How does it work?
You get a hard copy of the the actual programme that I use to train schools and the children and families workforce as well as my private clients.

You get to work through the programme at your own pace, in your 
own time, in your own home.  Simply fill in your shipping details to the right of this page and I will ship it right away.

All you need to do is pay shipping and handling costs.

I only have a limited stock, so please get yours now.

There is also a money-back guarantee with my my "Love It Or You Pay Nothing" Guarantee means that I guarantee 100% you will absolutely love this book and all the goodness inside it's 120 pages AND If for some reason you don’t, I will refund the money no questions asked.
Programme award:
This programme has been awarded the CANparent quality mark, which is the gold standard for parenting programmes in the UK.....
because it has been proven to make a positive difference to families.
 Get your FREE copy of the 'parent's Guide to Children's Behaviour'
shipped to your door:
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*The Parent's Guide to Children's Behaviour retails for £19.98, but we bought it for you! We just ask that you pay £9.99 (£19.99 Internationally) for shipping / handling to receive it. Your information is secure and will not be shared.
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What parents are saying!
"Since taking the programme, my partner and I have been able to work together as a whole unit to make everything easier when dealing with everyday problems that may occur. We are deeply grateful and appreciative what this programme has taught us."
Emma from Bristol
"This course has helped me to put things into perspective, understand and step back and think about feelings, emotions and reactions. The course has helped me to feel like I am now in a better place." 
Sue Simon 
"An excellent programme that guides your own positive nature to fuel your families’ development. The skills will last a lifetime." 
John from Lichfield
"I just wanted to say a big thank you to all you have done to help me and my boys. I see a big difference in all of them and especially in myself." Jayne Thomas
"This programme has been an enlightening experience and one that I would recommend to any parent who feels they need support." Mike Jordan
"This programme really helped me with my fatherhood thinking thanks so much." Dave Hoggs
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