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Child Behaviour Coaching
Transform your child's behaviour
Without harsh punishments or shouting, 
so you can have more peace and happiness in your home!
Can you relate to some common parenting stresses?
Your children are not behaving the way you would like..

You get an idea to change for the better...

You think you know exactly what you need to do to improve your child's behaviour!

And then you find yourself stuck again.. Has this ever happened to you?

You may even, feel like you are being held hostage by your children AND you give up on something you don't even know will work...

Somehow, things that you think should be SO simple and you feel you should be able to do as a parent just doesn't happen.
Have you ever felt that with each passing day, your excitement of being a parent gets dimmer and you wonder what on earth is happening?..

You end up feeling that family time is being wasted.... agreed?

You may have tried lots of segmented ideas that seem to be making things even harder. 

I know that there has been loads of advice about how to manage children's behaviour and that you may have used these ideas 

and made small changes that never really lasted..

I know trying to balance running a home, taking care of the children, career and other responsibilities can leave you feeling a 

little exhausted.
On top of all this you can be left feeling that you should be doing more, right?
This is when parents get overwhelmed 
and may be left thinking!
What happened to the good life?
Why aren't I the parent that I want to be?

I have worked with children and families for over 35 years studying and looking for answers about children's behaviour. 

In my career, being a mum myself and with unanswered questions from my own childhood, I became passionate to know some 

answers to burning questions.

Why do some parents struggle with their children's behaviour, no matter how hard they try and others seem to be able to get 

their children to do anything?

Why are some parents barely able to speak to their children without arguing while others have fantastic relationships with 

them? Have you ever had these thoughts? 
It's like some parents have insider info that gives them an unfair advantage.
Well actually they do.

What I found clearly shows that parenting is the most influential factor on a child's wellbeing and success in life..

AND that this vital information is not widely known.

I realised there is a way out of parenting struggles and figured out the formula for parenting success. 

Only by discovering the root of the problem you can make a lasting, positive changes.

I have worked tirelessly for years to put this information into a complete programme especially for busy parents like yourself,

who really don't have the time or inclination to figure it all out like I did. You just want the answer don't you? 

My business, Child Behaviour Direct, is a growing business which has been an appointed parenting support provider for the 

local County Council and train staff mostly in schools to become Child Behaviour Coaches.

My greatest passion is working directly with parents like yourself who are looking for these answers.

I developed, tried, tested and studied these parenting success tools and put what I have learnt into a guide to help parents like you.

to be able to live happier lives with their families and it's really all about helping help children to thrive.
AND I have had truly amazing results :)
I would like to introduce you to....
The Parent's Guide to Children's Behaviour Programme
An award winning positive parenting programme?
Designed for parents LIKE YOU who may be:

Struggling with their children's behaviour or...

Simply want to know how they can help their children to thrive (or both of cause).

I am very proud to say that this programme has been awarded the CANparent quality mark.

This is the gold standard for parenting programmes in the UK :)

Proven to make a positive difference to families that gives you the opportunity to....
Decrease the stress of simply being a parent.
AND stop doing what makes life difficult.

This is your opportunity to:

Take the guesswork out of parenting and solve problems that will only get worse if you leave them.

Each week you will be able to choose what is going to make the biggest impact for your family.

AND make a road map to where you want to be.

You can build on your confidence and success with these strategies that.....
I really wished I had know before I was a parent.
 The Parent's Guide to Children's Behaviour 
What's in the programme?
This is a 4 part programme to discover the ROOT CAUSE OF BEHAVIOUR!
  •  Explore exactly what is influencing your child's behaviour. 
  •  Take the chance to step back to look at the bigger picture of your family life.
  •  Become familiar with your own parenting style so that you can do more of what works and stop doing what makes children's behaviour worse.
  •  Find out the secret formula to parenting success so you can make long term positive changes.
  •  Discover how you can help your child develop a positive mindset and be self confident.....and so much more...
  •  Vital information about your child's self esteem and the connection to behaviour.
  •  Methods that put your child into a receptive state (rather than reactive).
  •  How to guide your child to have better emotional wellbeing.
  • Easy ways to stay in the moment with your child and have more FUN.
  •  Connecting with your child to bring out their true nature and avoid unwanted behaviour.
  • Use effective up to date positive ways to manage unwanted behaviour. (that does not use the naughty chair or time out).
  • The most effective way to have your child do as you ask. (often overlooked by most).
  •  Make an individual step by step plan that works for your family that is age and stage appropriate.
  •  How to get the whole family on board and working together.
  •  Learn to recognise the different types of behaviour.
  •  Focussing on maintaining the great changes you have made.
  •  Discover how the mind is driving behaviours and help your child have a positive, can-do attitude.
  •  Creating a permanent shift in your child's behaviour and families happiness.
  •  How to stop arguing with your child using the 3 levels of communication.
  •  The power of empathy to help your child feel good.
Start to transform your child's behaviour today.
Together we will work through the most sought after, impactful parenting strategies that..
Show you what has been holding you back and how to move forward.

A lot of problems occur because we usually parent on auto pilot.

By shifting your mindset you can easily become far more conscious of creating the family life that you dream of.

I've seen these problems time and time again....

Usually if problems are not resolved, they end up severely impacting your relationship with your child which is likely to negatively 

impact their own development and future happiness.

We will work together to come up with the best solutions for you and your family so you can be a more productive happy team.

You will be able to learn from others mistakes and with expert advice to have confidence that what you are doing really works.

Rather than struggle through the programme yourself take this 6-week coaching with me and get to where you want faster and 

Join me today and unleash the great parenting in you and create the family life you want.
For each of the 6-weeks coaching you will receive...
Private 1:1 Coaching
6 x 1 hour weekly 
Private Coaching sessions
directly with myself via SKYPE.
8 WEEKS PRIORITY email support with me so that you can ask those pressing questions anytime.

Full Membership Access
3-Months access to the 
Parenting Masterclass 
Membership area 
where you discover:
A complete set of accompanying tip sheets, activities sheets and 
Videos helping you to master each step.
Programme Manual
Access to the
Parent's Guide to Children's Behaviour 
programme manual that guides you step by step through transformational strategies that are proven to work.

 100% of parents recommend it.
See what they are saying..
Deeply Grateful
"Since taking the programme, my partner and I have been able to work together as a whole unit to make everything easier when dealing with everyday problems that may occur. We are deeply grateful and appreciative what this programme has taught us."
Emma from Bristol
An Excellant Programme
"An excellent programme that guides your own positive nature to fuel your families’ development. The skills will last a life time." 
John from Lichfield

(Images and names changed)
In a better place
"This course has helped me to put things into perspective, understand and step back and think about feelings, emotions and reactions. The course has helped me to feel like I am now in a better place." Sue from Rugeley
limited spaces join now!
PRIVATE COACHING SESSIONS: 6 weekly 1:1 SKYPE sessions with myself.                                 (Worth £690.00)

THREE MONTHS MEMBERSHIP TO THE:  Parenting Masterclass Membership Website           (Worth £117.00)
8 WEEKS PRIORITY EMAIL: SUPPORT FROM MYSELF                                                                       (Worth £320.00)

Total package Costs: £499.00                                                                                                           (Worth £1,270.99)
                        THAT'S OVER 60% DISCOUNT AND A SAVING OF £771.99 if bought separately!
Just 20 places available for this registration book now...
  • Take the opportunity to make a positive impact for your family.
  • Transform your child's behaviour.
  • Create a permanent shift for your family.
  • Be confident, organised and in control 
  • Finally stop arguing with your child.
  • At last you can stop doing what makes behaviour worse and do more of what really works.
  • Be confident that you are helping your child to thrive and grow up happy.
  • Unlock your innate parenting skills for more fun, peace and happiness at home..
What happens when you register?
Simply follow the link below to register for the 6-week Child Behaviour Coaching with myself.

You will be asked to leave your payment details. 

Once you are registered I will contact you directly and you can go ahead and book your first session and join the membership website..

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The 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!
 I take our learning environment very seriously and maintain a very high standard of positivity, encouragement and most importantly action.
 If you register for the coaching and sit on your hands and do nothing for the first 30 days, I can’t help you. If you work hard and are still not happy (you will be the first) check out our money back guarantee below.

Thanks Ruth Edensor

I hope you can join in....

Take the opportunity NOW to parent the easy way and simply have more fun with your children..

P.S. If you are still unsure and would to talk with me, simply email me directly and we can arrange a free consult over the phone.  

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