INTRODUCING: A Connection Based Couples Retreat in Pemberton, B.C.
Next Retreat Starting November 22, 2019
Are you looking for a deeper Connection?
When embracing van life and the great outdoors, we both knew that the key to a successful relationship (in small quarters) was learning how to clearly communicate with each other. The best way we learned to do that was through Connection! We practice exercises of connection in many ways both as a couple and individually. Part of that individual work has been through Forrest Yoga. We practice and teach this style of yoga because of its focus on breathwork in conjunction with cultivating a mind-body connection. In addition, we have learned skills in communication, how connection allows us to identify and solve potential problems before they become an issue, and how making our relationship a priority has shifted our life experience.

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What To Expect from this Weekend Getaway:
Skill #1: The Secrets of Connection
We believe connection is cultivated and experienced in different ways. Taking a holistic approach we offer tools for connecting physically, Emotionally & Spiritual. We incorporate yoga, meditation &  
nature to facilitate this full experience.

Skill #2: Communicating:
 What you don't know how to...
Through the years we have learned the skill and beauty in communicating authentically, in an assertive and productive way.  What would it be like to hold space for your partner to share their dreams and fears? Join us this summer to learn how and more!
Skill #3: Settling Differences
Let's be honest - relationships are not always easy. There will be differences, upset and time to make compromise. During our time together we will show you how to engage in constructive conflict conversations, in a way that is safe, productive and creates a deeper more meaningful connection together.
Tell me more...
Retreat includes 3 nights accommodation in beautiful Pemberton farm house, 2 full days of course content and all meals!

*Meals will be primarily
 farm-to-table. Please let us know of any dietary restrictions.

What to Bring?
-Yoga Mat & Any Props You Love
-Journal & Pen
-Bathing Suit & Sun Protection
-Layered Clothing & Hiking Shoes

Nov 22, 2019
4PM Check-In 
6PM Welcome BBQ  

Nov 23, 2019
8AM Rise & Shine Yoga
10AM Farm-to-Table Breakfast
1130AM Let's Connect
130PM Lunch
230PM Connecting Through Nature
5PM The Art of Touch 
630PM Couples Cooking Class 

Nov 24, 2019
8AM Rise & Shine Yoga 
10AM Farm-to-Table Breakfast
1130AM Working with Conflict
130PM Lunch
230PM Connecting Through Nature
5PM Putting it all Together
630PM Dinner TBD

Nov 25, 2019
Breakfast  before checking out!

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*Schedule is flexible based on group needs and subject to change
When you stop to think about it...Our relationships with others and the experiences we have with them are often the most important & meaningful to our lives.  So make the investment in what matters and join us to create connection and shared experiences that make a difference in your life & relationship!
This is the last chance for 2019 pricing starting at $750 per person.
**Pricing options may vary depending on room selection and availability.   
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