Let the fun begin because
Magnetic Slime Has Arrived
Stretch it... Bounce it... Tear it!
Call it Slime, Call it Putty, Call it SERIOUSLY ADDICTIVE.  Magnetic Slime is the new fun toy infused with tiny magnetic properties.  Comes complete with a magnet that supercharges your slime creating hours of endless fun.
 Addictive Fun For All Ages!
Sent within 24 Hours!
JUST $12 or 2 for $18.  FREE SHIPPING for a limited time
6 Amazing Colours. Gold.  Silver.  Black.  Blue.  Green or Purple.  Choose your colour on the next page.
Are your kids taking over your kitchen with their never ending Slime recipes? Well welcome to the next generation in Slime.  Magnetic Slime, no mess, long lasting SLIME.  Comes complete in its own tin, you can stretch it, tear it, and even roll it into a ball and bounce it!  Place the magnet next to it and watch as it completely envelops the magnet just like magic!  Its non sticky, wont stick to anything or ruin any thing, its good old fashioned fun!
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