Do You Want Me To Design A Sales Funnel Bluprint For Your Business For FREE?!
Sub Headline
Talk about your strategy call and the service it pertains to. How do you help people and why would they want to spend an hour of their life with you?

Do you have any results/testimonials you can share?

All that type of stuff goes here.
Why Am I Doing This For FREE?
This is how I get clients.

On the call, we will work together to develop your sales funnel blueprint and hopefully you will see how awesome I am and decide you want to work with me.

But, if not, you will still have the blueprint you can execute by yourself.
How The Call Will Go
  •  (before) We'll spend about 10 minutes discussing where your business is
  •  (after) We'll spend about 10 minutes discussing where you want your business to be.
  •  (bridge) We'll spend the remaining 40 minutes planning out how we're going to get your business from where it is, to where we want it to be.
  •  I will close out the call by asking if you want to work together. There's no hard pitch or high pressure tactics. I'm telling you now, before we even chat. I will need a Yes or a No on the call. There are no "maybes" or "I'll get back to yous". It's a yes or a no question as I do not have the time to chase down sales.
The Price Of My Service
If you decide you want to work with me, my service costs $4,995/mo for three months.
  •  $50k monthly revenue
  •  3+ employees
  •  Spend at least $5k/mo in advertising
  •  Be prepared to spend $4,995/mo for three months for my services
Ready & Able?