When you need someone to be with you step by step to get the job done -
give yourself the gift of working with a specialist, day after day
A single consultation or
 the real thing: online therapeutic coaching 
with Cécile Ellert

It's up to you to decide - but in any case, it will be without leaving the comfort of your home... and at your chosen time of day
30 minutes: questions, answers, understanding, and wisdom to put you on the right track 

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Regular appointments to push you to action, guide you, and to help you towards your goal. 

Online therapeutic coaching 
(several options at your disposal but we have to review them together first....)

There are times when we have to sort through everything we have tried in the past. We're almost there, but there's a little something missing that would change everything... do you know what? 100% of those who asked me to help them know... and have decided to act.

If you want my opinion (because I know a fair amount of topics that concern women especially....)

To guide you in the right direction because, as it would seem, you are lost.

You need a specialist to develop your custom-made aromatic protocols (because there will come a time to go further).

To help you see more clearly the meaning of your symptoms and thus give you the opportunity to build on them (because everything is interconnected... it can be very frustrating sometimes).

So, yes, you are in the right place!!

I am not talking to those who are waiting for someone to cure them, but to those who are tired of going around in circles and who need a push in the right direction.

Consultations allow you to take advantage of the many techniques I have at my disposal to identify what you really need.

Coaching allows you to have someone close to you whose experience guides you, and shows you solutions, despite your limits and unconscious blockages. This is a good solution if you need me to be there for you almost constantly to get you going, and help you get out of taking a toxic medication; take the time to apply the anti-candida balance; solve a chronic problem that requires a lot of rebalancing steps; lose weight. Each session lasts 45 minutes.

What they have to say...
"First of all I want to thank you for the help you have given me, and for the fabulous work that you do: I was very lucky to have found your website completely by chance when I was lost, and tired after 17 years of drug toxicity and dependence...

Today, thanks to you, your advice, and your support, I feel liberated. I'm starting to get back that zest for life, to have confidence in myself. A healthy diet and a good use of holistic aromatherapy have changed my life: I do not take any more medication, I am no longer tired, and especially happy with this change. A feeling of well-being that also allows me to take my life in hand, to be master of my decisions and ambitions, leaving behind my stress and fears.

What I live today, I wish it to all those who suffer as I suffered, and who no longer with to depend on drugs, but who do not dare or need a little push that I have had thanks to you.

Thank you Cecile, you changed my life, I needed it. "
Mounya, France

"Many thanks Cecile for giving me back my energy and my vitality.

When we started coaching, I was dragging a burden that was holding back my life. Engulfed between the traumas of childhood (it's their feeling that counts) and the anxiety of the future, I did not know how to reconnect with who I really am. Physiological dysfunctions, organic blockages, bad assimilation, mental confusion, lack of self-confidence and in the future... so many manifestations of my resistance to letting go. Thanks to your patience and your professionalism, a succession of protocols could be put in place, without apparent success at first. But you were able to convince me to persevere, and you adapted your prescription. Permanent interaction. Always listening, always confident in my ability to self-repair with your unconditional support and your prescriptions. In the space of a few weeks, all the doors opened. The resistances, the very deep interior dikes gave way one after another, leaving room for great harmony. Six months after the last "protocol", I'm getting better every day. But above all, especially, I know that at the slightest malfunction, you will have the means for us to find a solution together.

Thank you a thousand times for making me free. Thank you for your patience, your precious listening and your communicative joy. Thank you for believing in my self-healing capacity that has come to life thanks to you. "

Yours truly,
Michèle, Paris

Whether or not there is medical progress does not change the case. The approaches that work, such as the ones I describe in my books and articles, are based on so many changes to be implemented: such as lifestyle, diet, our way of thinking, and how we see life.
However, as soon as you have to change your habits, there must be support.
Changing your habits is probably the most demanding and causes the most doubt! That's why it's becoming more and more important to accompany patients as we would train an athlete to win a race.

At this level, it's about coaching. Here, in the United States more and more holistic medical practitioners are putting coaches at the disposal of their patients.
These outstanding coaches are an incredible asset to any clinical practice and are still an underutilized but developing health system.

These therapeutic coaches help patients adopt sustainable eating habits, lifestyles and behaviors, to supplement the time that the practitioner is away from the patient, which greatly improves the positive results of the treatments.
There is the coach who works with an integrative practitioner, and then there is the holistic practitioner who doubles as a coach, usually online. Well, that's what I started offering to people who were asking me to help them, because it was the only real way to achieve positive long-term results.

When one is helpless with years of suffering, when nothing is done, when you were told that it's for life... Having a coach gives hope and above all, brings unexpected results.

You may ask me: what's coaching? What's the point? Why do I offer it?
I will explain here why coaching will become essential and how much you will gain from it.
Initially, it is a chronic anti-disease weapon.
Obesity, AIDS, respiratory diseases, kidney failure, heart failure, rheumatoid arthritis, depression, diabetes and all neurodegenerative diseases... This is a generous list of chronic diseases that simply did not exist at the beginning of the last century.

When the conventional approach to Western medicine was born, the main causes of disease were acute infectious diseases: tuberculosis, typhoid and pneumonia. The trio "a doctor, a cause, a treatment" was then the right way to restore health.

Today, seven in ten deaths in the United States are caused by chronic diseases.
Most importantly, chronic diseases are often multifactorial: maintained by multiple and interconnected factors resulting from genetic predispositions and several environmental factors (it is said that genetics load the rifle and that the environment pulls the trigger)

In 2016 alone, it is estimated that 85% of chronic diseases can be explained by factors other than genetics, and in these diseases cancer is included.

With the increase in chronic diseases, we simply cannot afford to continue to have the same care attitude that is limited to taking medication for life in an effort to alleviate the symptoms, and never heal anything. This is called an "inadequate" approach. It just doesn't work.

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