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  • How to easily drag in more pots— night after night— And make MORE MONEY at the card table..
  • How to prevent going bust in the middle of tournaments even when you’re ‘card dead
  • How to intimidate other players with the insider SECRETS of building BIG stacks without good cards
  • How to get control over your results again and STOP seeing your stack dwindle away
  • How to master this poker game with a WINNING system for building BIG stacks...
  • How to quickly gain an “unfair advantage”over your competition in order to win more Tournaments
Hi Nick Wealthall here again.

Congratulations on getting Bad Player Dominator. 

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If so-I know you’ll find this page extremely valuable. Because I’m going to show you what took me THIRTEEN YEARS to perfect— a proven, “battle tested” SYSTEM for dominating tournaments.

On this webpage, I’m going to show you a KEY SECRET to how I’ve made a VERY “nice Living” as a professional card player, and how YOU can achieve the same success...

Regardless of your current skill level or experience.

The real secret to going deep and cashing more...
  •   I’ve commentated on over 400 major tournaments Live and online
  •   I’ve played at a professional level for many years
  •   I was the face of the UK poker tour 
  •   I was the Voice of The Sunday Million and a World Championship of online poker
  •   I wrote a regular strategy column for the biggest poker magazine in the UK. 
...and one of the key lessons I’ve learned over all these years is...

If you’re going bust in events after going ‘Card dead’... 

If you’re watching your stack dwindle to nothing after waiting an age for good cards...

Or you feel forced to go all in on a hand and pray it wins-YOU have not learned the REAL STRATEGY professional players use time and again to clean up at tournaments... 

I’m talking here about being able to...
 Build BIG STACKS no matter what cards you get...
The secret of building a BIG STACK without relying on good cards is what you need to know to cash in on and dominate any tournament. 

It’s what the pros use all the time. 

They build BIG STACKS without relying on good cards. 

The proof is in any tournament you go into where you’ll see 2 things.

          1) the vast majority of pots are won WITHOUT the cards being shown
          2) the pros and strong players have the BIGGEST stacks way more often 

The secret to winning tournaments it to build big stacks by winning more hands without showing your cards.
And building a large stack is a game of SKILL... not “luck.” 

It’s a skill you can pick up quickly and repeat as many times as you like to win tournaments.

These techniques to building a large stacks are “hidden” from most players, which means that
 When you learn these secrets of BIG STACK building, you’ll...
  • Never go home from a tournament wondering, “What if...?”
  • Get rid of your FEAR OF LOSING... once and for all...
  •  Never feel out of control sitting watching your stack dwindle away
  •  Quit losing EASY POTS... and quit leaving cash on the table...
Just ask yourself: How much money are you leaving on the table? How many More chips could you win—night after night— if you improved your ability to build BIG stacks?

(Warning: Without these secrets to big stack building, you could be doomed to years of lost pots and lost money... or even worse, getting so frustrated that you quit the game for good.
Don’t let this happen to you...)
Never Get Outplayed Again! This Easy-To-Understand System Will Show You
How to build a BIG stack so you can Drag In More Pots... Every Single Night You Play!
The fact is...

Professional players have a ‘System’ they use to build BIG STACKS no matter what cards are on the table night after night. 

They use the same set of simple plays over and over again-and they know how to target the right players with these plays to build stacks.

After 13 years of playing winning poker by building BIG stacks no matter what is happening in the game..., I’ve compiled all my simple tricks for doing it into this amazing, short-easy to follow, breakthrough video course called “BIG STACK BLUEPRINT.”

This course is designed to “take you by the hand” and help you quickly master The art of building BIG stacks so you can win more games and make more money From the game. Period.

You’ll discover all the secrets you need to become a better card player with the ability to create a BIG stack...

Regardless of your current skill level or experience in the game.

Just imagine yourself quickly and easily dominating the next games you are in. Imagine what it will FEEL like to be supremely CONFIDENT about your skill level and have the SECURITY of knowing you can make money with Poker any time you choose...

Why You Won’t Hear About This Breakthrough Strategy on Big Stack Building anywhere Else...
For YEARS now people have been literally BEGGING me and other top players to share my winning Strategies and innovative secrets with the general public... but ask yourself why would we want to reveal my sure-fire money-making secrets anyway?!

Do you really think that poker pros ever reveal their TRUE strategies? (It’s like asking The IRS for advice on how to pay fewer taxes!)

So... Why the heck did I decide to “spill my guts” to the general public with this Insider’s guide on building BIG stacks?

It’s simple really...

I’ve decided it’s time I give something back to the game which has given Me so much. I’ve made my living off of my winning strategies for quite some time Now, and I think it’s only fair I share my winning system with fellow players Who are genuinely interested in this great game.

The point is, you’ll NEVER find these winning strategies and techniques Elsewhere, because the few people who do know these secrets are too busy USING THEM to make insane profits for themselves!
Here Are some of the Secrets you’ll Discover Inside BIG STACK BLUEPRINT...
  • The coveted secrets of how pros think during hands and tournaments that builds BIG STACKS and wins for them.
  •  Empty your opponents’ pockets by targeting weak players and taking their chips from them.
  •  Proven and tested tournament secrets for Stealing pots that will instantly give you an “unfair advantage” over every single one of your competitors!
  •  UNLEASH the poker genius inside of you by HARNESSING the POWER Of the 3 betting light play. Learn not only the power of the ‘re-raise pre-flop’ but how to put it into practice and really make your opponents suffer.
  •  How to create an “aura of dominance” that will intimidate your Opponents and steal easy pots all night long by Mastering the Squeeze Play. Here you’ll learn a play that pros use constantly to pick up chips no matter what their cards… it’s a killer!
  •  A little-known, sure-fire method for convincing your opponents that you have An excellent hand (when actually you just have “scraps”). In this advanced module, Post Flop Stack Builders, you’ll learn how to bluff and semi-bluff post flop over and over. Discover how to make chips and play with confidence after the flop.
  •  Step by step plays you can use to pick up chips without having any good cards so you can go further in tournaments.
  • Easy to follow
  •  No boring theory
  •  Has Contributions from one of the best coaches in the world
  •  Has Plays you can copy and use immediately to build bigger stacks
  •  All online- so you can watch anywhere
You will finally have enough chips to stand ‘bad beats’ but stay in the tournament.
And there more...
You’ll also receive a downloadable PDF training manual so you have a text guide to the course you can use for note making or quick reference.
In No Time...
You’ll be running deep way more often, cashing and winning more
I don’t care if you’ve been playing poker for a decade. Or if you just learned last Week. Or if you only play online poker. Or if the biggest tournament you’ve ever been In was a $2 buy-in... NONE OF THAT MATTERS...

ALL THAT MATTERS is that Big Stack Blueprint will immediately help you to Play and win a lot more games with the Insider Secrets you will discover. 

It’s unlike anything else out there... And it will give you the confidence and security you need to dominate any table you sit down at.

As long as you can READ... you can master the art of winning quickly and easily with this Big Stack Building “bible”...

This isn’t brain surgery. But you cannot “figure it out” on your own. 

I have spent my entire professional life studying poker, interviewing the pros, observing how different ELITE players handle different situations, and creating jaw dropping success for those who follow my approach.

There is absolutely no sane reason why you should waste endless Hours of your precious time... attempting to cover this same ground.
Let me be your guide. I know the fastest direct path to get where you want to go.

When you’re done with this groundbreaking course, you’ll be able to:
  • Intimidate other players at the table.
  •  Stop losing, when you go ‘card dead’ in the middle of tournaments, 
  •  Become a master at raking in more pots...
  •  Understand poker at an ADVANCED LEVEL and play in games with higher Stakes.
  •  Have step by step plays to build a BIG stack in any game.
So what’s this BIG STACK building guide worth to you?
Consider this: 
To enrol in my one on one coaching classes, you have to pay thousands of dollars 

“Big Stack Blueprint” includes the entire big stack building material taught during those classes... plus additional “stealth” strategies and techniques.

A lot of my colleagues and fellow players suggested I sell this course for at least $197... Since it contains so many winning strategies. But since I want everyone to be Able to benefit from my teachings— regardless of their budget— I’ve decided to sell The entire course on this website for an incredible low price.

My BIG STACK BUILDING guide is the result of over 13 YEARS of hard work, trial-and-error, Tested methods, and insider strategies... At an insanely low price.

Just think: Only a few extra pots will EASILY make your small investment Pay for itself IMMEDIATELY... and my quick-and-easy approach means you can be Make WAY MORE in Immediate PROFITS in just a few of weeks!

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Purchase the course and go watch it thoroughly (Perhaps several times). Then, take the techniques you Get from it and immediately put them into action the Next time you play...

In the UNLIKELY EVENT you discover the ideas you use don’t pay off to build big stacks and win more games and can get a refund of every penny you paid. That’s right, you get to Decide for yourself whether these strategies are any good or Not!

If you go through my guide and you feel within 60 days that the Information isn’t useful or appropriate for your situation— and you
Honestly can’t use any of the ideas you get from it— I will refund your Entire purchase on the spot. No questions asked. No hard feelings, either.

It’s easy to cancel (just send us an email – and because the course is online there’s nothing to return. No hassle.

You will get 100% of your money back immediately.
Why such a generous guarantee?
It’s my way of assuring you that— in the remote possibility that your Learning style is so unique or difficult that not even these principles can Help you—you won’t have to pay for something you can’t use. My Philosophy is purely “performance based,” and if you honestly can’t Benefit from what I teach you, then I don’t want your money.

It’s that simple.

However, you’ll never know until you try. And that’s why I’m giving You time to validate these concepts— beyond any question— not that they Merely can improve your poker skills, but that they HAVE helped you Win more games and make more money at the card tables. If they Don’t, you’re not out a dime. I can’t possibly be any fairer.
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