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Bent Press Training Manual

Learn The #1 Movement of a Royal Marine Commando the right way, so you can prevent the 2-Year shoulder injury I got from trying to figure it out on my own 
Bent Press Training Manual
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Here's What You'll Get:
  • How to optimize shoulder stability
  • How to increase T-spine mobility
  • How to perform every variation of the windmill
  • How to coach the windmill and make it accessible to the people who really need it
  • A complete breakdown of all phases of the bent press
  • Progressions leading up to the bent press
  • Step by step guide to performing and coach the bent press

ONE TIME OFFER: The Bent Press Training Manual has everything you need to take advantage of the best strength conditioning exercise available. Add VIDEO training to make sure you get the absolute BEST instruction for your home or gym for just $37 TODAY ONLY!

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Zach Blain

Regardless of the reader’s fitness level, he or she will have all the necessary tools and mobility needed to unlock greater strength in all three planes of motion. This is a phenomenal book on strength and should be added to your strength library. 
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