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Sell Your Boat Faster – Turbo Charge Your Offers with an Online Boat Auction
If you’re thinking about how to sell your boat faster and your boat is new to the market, then you might like to consider an Online Boat Auction to sell your boat in a tight market. This might just be the smart sales move you’re looking for.
Marketing your boat First Up - without a price 
If your boat is new to the market, a 4-week intensive marketing campaign without indicating a price, then followed by a 7-day global online boat auction, might just be the right way to turbo-charge your ‘sell your boat faster’ masterplan!

The traditional method of selling your boat is to exclusively list your boat with the boat broker that indicate they are able to achieve the highest sale price. However, this approach may be contributing to an illiquid or slow boat market in Singapore and other regions. Many boats are still on the market with no enquiries and no offers a year, or more, later.

An alternative to the traditional brokerage model is to market your boat without a price, first and foremost. You may sell your boat for more than you expect, depending upon your boat model. Let me explain.
Price on Application for 6-8 Weeks
there are two reasons why boats don’t sell 
The first is the price, and the second, a lack of marketing or awareness that the boat is on the market. Marketing your new-to-the-market boat without a price will eliminate price from the buyer’s initial considerations; this will result in more enquiries.
Tailored marketing and email campaign
When you sell your boat through an Online Boat Auction, the service includes developing a comprehensive and tailored marketing and email campaign. Additionally, if your boat is new to the market, you should invest in an extensive social media campaign. This is customised to the location where your boat is most likely to sell and targeted to the ideal buyer profile.

This approach will generate more enquiries, viewings and offers for your boat. To sell your boat fast, marketing and raising awareness is an important investment to get the results you are looking for.
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