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The Custody Course: The Tools to Master Your Case 
includes everything you need to know:
Hours of advice on all areas of a custody case.
Attorney Anthony Bompiani gives you hours of legal advice by walking you through every single section of the custody law in Pennsylvania. You'll learn all about the following areas:

*The different types of custody
*Grandparents rights
*Guardian ad litem
*And many more!

More than $1,500.00 value!
Learn how to file pleadings and argue your case.
You will learn how and where to file pleadings. You will learn how to notify the other party, and how to argue and win your case. Receive in depth instruction on:

*Filing a complaint
*Filing a modification
*Filing a contempt action
*How to serve the other party
*And many more!

More than $1,500.00 value!

More than 30 modifiable templates.
As a bonus, you will receive more than 30 of the most popular forms and templates to use in your custody case. These templates were drafted by an expert in the field and include:

*Complaint for Custody
*Petition to Modify Current Order
*Petition for Contempt
*Petition for Relocation
*And many more!

More than $3,500.00 value!
This is the Future of Legal Representation!
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