My Student Apprentice Andre Made over $60,000 Part Time in his First Year! Watch How I am transferring the skills I acquired from buying, rehabbing and reselling over 500 houses to my student apprentices.

If Your Full Time Job Does Not Pay You Enough, You Need A Skill That Can Pay You What You Are Worth!
Learning the Skill of Making Money in Real Estate is a Lifetime Asset You Can Use to Make Money for the Rest of Your Life.

Andre Receiving a $5,000 Check on One of His Twelve Rehabs

Andre Showcasing One of His Projects. This is Deal#11.

With Andre, it started with a phone call

Andre called me and said, “Toyin, I am one of your deal finders. I would like to be more than a deal finder. I would like to know more. I would like to do more and understand how the whole process works .” 

My next question to Andre was this, “why"?  

I told him, as a deal finder, you can still make up to $5,000 per deal.  

He said he understand and then he told me his story.  

I have been trying to get into this business for a long time. ” said Andre.  

I even got a real estate license, but I did not make any money and did not learn anything. I like the process you have created and I think I can learn more from you. ” 

I asked Andre what his current job was  and he said he was a personal trainer. He makes good money, it's just not enough. He wanted to acquire a skill that will allow him to control his daily routines, make more money and spend more time with his daughter Khalia. She was in pre school when Andre joined my apprenticeship program.


You may meet Khalia in one of Andre’s videos. I call her Andre’s little assistant. How would you feel if you could take your little girl or son to work with you to see what you do and how value and money are created.

Andre’s other 15-year-old daughter also assists him in the rehab when it comes time to do some decorations and landscape.  

After hearing Andre’s story and passion, I gave him a few tests, and once he passed those tests, I began to show Andre the way forward.  

The rest is history.

So far, since Andre joined GiC as a deal finder, and graduated to become an apprentice, his income has skyrocketed.

Andre's First Video. Look at those innocent eyes

How many hours do you work per week in your current job to make $...........? ( insert your yearly income)

Andre works a few hours per week under my guidance and direction, but makes more than twice as much money from real estate than from his regular job of personal training.   

It’s only been about two years since Andre came on board, yet he has learned and done more than 90% of the so called real estate Gurus or wananbe investors who attend three day seminars hoping to become a real investor.

How long do you want to wait for your next rehab? 

Statistics have proven that 98.5% of all the people that go to a seminar never ever buy a single property let alone be involved in a rehab. 

Andre has been involved in the LOCATING, NEGOTIATING, BUYING, REHABING and RESELLING of 12 houses in the last 24 months.   

Today, Andre has acquired the skills and the experience to create money without depending on a job or anyone else. NOW IT'S YOUR TURN! This is the opportunity I offer you as an apprentice. You will receive 12 MONTHS of training allowing you to acquire the skills needed to stand on your own and make deals as a professional real estate entrepreneur. 

Where else can one find such an opportunity. An opportunity that allows you to earn real money while you are learning and acquiring life time skills. This opporunity is real. It does not come that often. BUT you must QUALIFY first in order to take advantage of it.

Student apprentice Andre a the Home Depot. Oftentimes Andre takes his 15 year old Kendra on his projects to expose her to the business. How would you like to create something to leave for your kids?

Showcasing Andrew's Successes. Andre has been involved in the LOCATING, NEGOTIATING, BUYING, REHABING and RESELLING of 12 houses in the last 24 months.

Perhaps you're wondering......"why do I need to qualify?"

Imagine if the doors of Harvard University, one of the most prestigious institutions in our country were thrown open to everyone who shows up, the university will cease to be of value to everyone.  

To attend Harvard, you will have to go through rigorous pre-qualifications and interviews, demonstrating your passion for learning and convincing the admissions director why you should be selected out of the thousands that want Harvard education. Harvard does not need to convince you, you have to convince Havard that you deserve their education. 

That is the same for my apprenticeship program. I do not want everyone to join. I only want those who demonstrate the passion for wanting to change their lives and create wealth for themselves and their families.

A four year Harvard degree costs at least $60,000 per year for four years. That is $240,000 for a four-year education that does not guarantee you a job nor guarantee that you'll make a dime thereafter...... Most people who graduate from any educational institutions today are saddled with student loans of $30,000, $40,000, or more than $100,000.

Even students that go to small career colleges, for such programs as nursing, dental assistants, paralegal, end up with thousands of student loans. yet, not a single one of these programs teach you a skill you can use besides training to qualify for a JOB. 

How long will it take you to recoup $240,000? Furthermore, the degree doesn't necessarily confer on you a single SKILL of how to turn a dollar into two or create value to provide an income for your family. 

All it does is give you the education with the hope some employer will hire you. 

I give you a skill enabling you to hire yourself AND provide for your family without depending on a job.  

I give you a skill that lasts a lifetime so that you will never be unemployed! 

I give you a skill you can pass on to your children like I'm doing with my 21-year-old son, Ade and my 12-year-old daughter I've nicknamed Pumpkin.

Another apprentice, my son Ade. He got his first training from helping Andre on his earlier projects. This is proof that I don't have to be in the field with you to train you or oversee your project and transfer the skill of making decisions to you.

This is the Value of My Apprenticeship Program

My daughter does mailings for me and pulls property profiles on the weekends for a couple of hours. Sometimes she goes with me to the properties.

My son Ade is just as good as Andre in locating, and managing rehab projects. he is going through the apprenticeship program too.  

It's imperative that you start acquiring the skills you need for life today! 

Based on the program I have created, you should be able to do at least one deal within the next 12 months. 

Once you do one deal, you will gain experience to do another one and another one!  

This is all you need to do! Well, one thing still remains! You have to quality to enter the apprentice program. 

The 12 month apprenticeship program will teach you everything you need to know about real estate such that you can go out on your own and make one or two deals per year.   

The minimum I make on every deal is $40,000.   

The last deal we just completed, the profit was $152,000. Yes on one deal!   

I am not promising you that you will be able to do this in your first year, but what if you learn enough to make an extra $10,000 or $20,000, how would that change your life?  

The ball is in your court!  

I hope you make the right decision for you and your family.  

Over the next 12 months as an apprentice you will learn everything I know about real estate.

About Me
The ability to dream big is what defines the degree of success each one of us can achieve. 

From the time I was a little boy, I have always been able to look beyond the horizon. 

My curiosity about seeking knowledge is the foundation of all my successes. 

This led me to two college degrees and an MBA in business marketing and finance. 

The degrees may have given me education,. but it was my determination and my shear gut that led to my success in business. 

After building and losing my first 10 million dollar business, I was miserable for almost two years before getting up one day and declaring that the misery was over. 

Five years later, I was on top of a new $20 million dollar real estate empire built from scratch. 

I started with only $295 credit after filing my second bankruptcy. I leveraged it to $60 million buying and selling more than 455 houses. 

The knowledge I acquired over the last years in starting and growing 12 different businesses to cannot go to waste. 

That is why I feel compelled to share my knowledge with anyone willing to listen. According to Tony Robbins, "if you want to succeed at anything, just find someone who has done it and ask them to show you the ropes. 

You've found me, let me show you the ropes, the short cuts, and the right path so your journey can be quicker and less arduous. 

Success is a choice. The choice is yours.

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