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All Day Endurance is a national triathlon team that works with all levels of triathletes using Coach Aubrey unique coaching methods. Coach Aubrey is a former pro triathlete who enjoys taking what he's learned to create a team of motivated, hard working triathletes.
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Written by Coach Aubrey Aldy
The Felt IA10 2018 is a sleek silver, gray and black speed machine. First, let me tell you how I came across this bike. My longtime friends at the Bike Bistro in Fort Myers are Felt dealers and they have been keying me in to this bike for a couple years now. With the Race Across America coming up just around the corner, this is the perfect time to find the fastest bike possible, get some miles on it, and dial in before the race starts. If you’re not familiar with what RAAM (Race Across America) is, it’s a 3,089 mile bike race that begins in Oceanside, CA and ends in Annapolis, MD. This year we are aiming for the 2-man course record of 6 days and 9 hours. It is non-stop riding, the clock is always running, and the most important tools in this race are the bikes. I’ve had a Kestrel 4000 Pro SL that has been good to me for a few years now. My Kestrel is still equipped 10-speed components. Rather than update the groupset to 11-speed, I thought this was the time to look into a new bike. 
Written by Coach Aubrey Aldy
I think we have all seen that person show up to the pool with an old pair of goggles and speedos only, and fly around lap after lap effortlessly. Chances are this isn't their first time in the pool and they didn't start out that way. Somewhere along the line they used tools, and they probably still do in some workouts. In general pool toys are very helpful, and in most cases you will find triathletes have many more toys than traditional swimmers, there’s good reason for that. In most cases a triathlon swimmer needs more help finding a correct body position and stroke mechanics. Adult onset swimmers and long time swimmers wanting to tweak mechanics or build specific strength should be using pool toys as needed. They can become a crutch, but absolutely the bottom line is the slower the swimmer, the more percentage of workouts will be done with pool toys. Here's a list of what is in my swim bag and why.
Written by Coach Aubrey Aldy
I’ve been a lifelong runner starting with sprint and middle distances on the track in middle and high school, and then started 2 mile runs during my time in the military, eventually moving into marathons, triathlons, and every distance in between. I had a break from running to focus on training for the Race Across America cycling race in 2016, and took nearly a year off of running completely for the first time in my life since I started. Coming back from that I felt that my stride had changed quite a bit, it just didn’t feel the same. Some days I would feel like my old self, some days not so much, there were definitely some changes that had occurred.

Written by Coach Aubrey Aldy
What is a healthy diet? Asks the triathlete…

What is a healthy diet? Asks the sedentary person... 

Does a healthy diet mean the same thing for non-athletes as it does for athletes?  

No. Not even close. 

Diet is as individualized as training. It differs from person to person and even athlete to athlete. No two triathletes will have the exact same training or diet.
Diet constantly changes based on your life, training and genetics.

Written by Coach Aubrey Aldy
1) “Peak Performance” by Brad Stulberg and Steve Magness. 

 This is at the top of my list right now. It is packed with research and is written so that it is easy to follow and understand. Whether you are an athlete or not, there are lessons relatable to all humans trying to improve in anything at all. The overarching theme of this book is, “stress plus rest equals growth”. Seems pretty simple, but most of need work on the rest part of this equation.  
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