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Shift Into The Unapologetically Bold and Authentic You! 

Create a personalized shift strategy designed specifically to meet your personal goals
Align your beliefs and values with your business lifestyle
Unleash your creativity.
Attract the right career opportunities easily and effortlessly.
Program Includes:
  •  Book: The Creative Entrepreneurs Guide to Self Love, Self Mastery and Fearless Self Expression
  •  Workbook: Over 100 pages of customized activities and learning modules to deepen your practice
  •  Map: 11 x 17 Full Color Shift Map
  •  Coaching: Weekly Coaching Calls with Zakiya
  •  Tribe: Community Support-Full Access to the Sh8peshifter Online Tribe
The best way to see if my 90 Day Intensive is a perfect fit for you is to roll up your sleeves, get on the phone, and allow me to just walk you through it to see how it would work for you. Here are a few conditions that you need to be aware of... 
First, over the next 90 days I am only working with a small number of clients. I typically only do 1 launch per month…and I only take on 2-3 clients a month. I ONLY work with people who I think will see results. You must have what it takes. I have a simple application process to find out if you're the right person for my consulting. You must be teachable, have what it takes to be successful, and actually EXECUTE to get real results. I want you to be our next major case study and wildly profitable success story. 

So, Here’s the Deal. CLICK on the "Book A Shift Session with Zakiya"  button below. When you click on that, it will open a simple calendar that will allow you to grab a time on my personal calendar. There will also be a few questions to answer about you, so I can get a good feel before we hop on our free call together. After you book a time, I will give you a call on your scheduled time to see if you’re a good fit. Once I receive your info, I'll send you a quick email reminder of the time you booked for our call, and I'll call you on that day and time. 

Until Then,

Keep Shifting,
Zakiya Harris 
Chief Sh8peshifter
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