It wouldn’t be a healthy Friday without Cinco Bala. This weeks top 5 lessons, hacks and quotes I’ve been pondering, applying and battling. 

For those of you who are new, this is a concept I took from Tim Ferriss. (This is just focused on MLM and online marketing) If you don’t subscribe to his newsletter. You should do it. 

Lesson in Network Marketing: Stroke Their Feathers - By now, you’ve probably taken multiple personality tests. But have you ever learned to identify what personality type someone else is within 30 seconds?

If not, I recommend a book called “Wired That Way.” It breaks the personality types down into 4 macro levels and then into combinations. What’s more useful though, is learning how to identify which macro personality type someone is within a minute or two of speaking to them.

If you can do that, you’re rate of influence and ability to lead with ten fold. After all, leadership is helping people see a more effective point of view. That’s it. But if you’re communicating in a language they don’t value, your influence is diminished. Thus you’ve done them a disservice by not leading them to their goals.

Example - I’m a typical “Type A” personality, also called a “Choleric” in the book. My sub personality type is “Sanguine.” This means that I value productivity above all things and a distant second is I value having fun / being the life of the party.

If I’m trying to promote a conference to my downline and I’m telling him how much he’ll learn in such a condensed period of time and he’s a pure “sanguine” personality type. I’m speaking the WRONG language.

See, a sanguine’s primary desire is to have fun and make friends. NOT be productive. I should be telling him how FUN it’s going to be to go on a road trip together. Tell him about how awesome it’s going to be to get drinks/coffee with our upline and what kind of amazing memories we’ll create together.

In that vein, if I promote the conference that way to a “melancholy” - I’ll not only ensure they definitely do NOT go, I’ll likely lose their respect too. Nice.

So, I highly recommend learning these personality types, identifying yours and practice communicating with your upline, team, friends and family accordingly.

Lesson in Online Marketing: Double Target - My most effective ads of all time have been those with a double target. Meaning we’d find two primary demographics and overlap them. So if we wanted to target MLMers, that’s good and if a good hook & copy is in place, it’ll probably convert well.

But the BEST ad would be targeting MLMers with an additional drill down. For instance, drill down on those in the military or Christians or Democrats or Republicans etc. Now you’re not only targeting MLMers, you’re targeting MLMers with Republican or Democratic beliefs. And you can write your ad to THEM, the Republican MLMer for example. Now you’ll relate to them on the MLM level, but also on the core level of what they believe.

This one trick has lowered some of my campaigns down to sub $2.50 CPL when the world is whining about high Facebook ad costs.

And if you’re worried about “missing out” on the people outside your target…

Read a few marketing books and get used to paying a VERY pretty penny for poor results. (The target is more expensive since it’s broad and you won’t influence anyone.) Remember the prolific zone. Polarizing people are the influencers of the world. The people pleasers don’t influence anyone.

Quote I Love:“Overdoing things is easy, especially if we're good at them. But maximum productivity requires finding our minimum effective dose.”

New Experience: Muay Thai - We’re in Malaysia right now (Kuala Lumpur) which is very close to Thailand. As you may know, I have to be tricked into working out. I do it with adventure based sports or martial arts. My primary disciplines are Krav Maga, boxing and BJJ. Although BJJ I’m a total amatuer, wheras the first two I’m a slightly higher level “novice.” ;)

A close friend practices Muay Thai and would probably fly here to kill me if I didn’t join a Muay Thai gym while we’re here. So Ashley found the most grungy, nasty, champion-producing Thai gym ever. Literally a perfect find. Our trainer is from Thailand and is a championship competitor. (I’d tell you if he won the contest, but we could barely understand each other.)

Our first class was epic. Maybe you’ll see me on the Muay Thai circuit someday…

(When looking for a martial arts gym. Avoid “boxercise” gyms at all costs. They’re easily spotted by clean locker rooms, nice equipment, perfect english and high prices. They produce aerobically fit, skinny, but soft humans that would have no clue what to do if actually punched in the face. You’re looking for something in a back alley, where they barely clean the floor mats, and that has a weight room off to the side with sweaty shirtless guys doing sit ups while getting punched in the stomach. Those gyms will make you into a warrior.)

Book I’m Reading: 4 Hour Body - I’m a typical offender of reading a million business and marketing books. Particularly marketing. I LOVE them. But I also know myself well enough to limit myself occasionally from too many marketing books at once. I typically receive value from them but with value comes ideas and with ideas comes confusion if you’re not careful. I’m one of those guys who gets a million ideas a minute. So over the last 10 years I’ve done immense work on myself to FOCUS on ONE thing at a time. It’s not only saved my business, it’s saved my sanity.

That being said, I just got done reading the 4 hour workweek again and wanted to dive into something a bit more physical. After all, it’s been said countless times… Many elderly rich people would gladly give all they have to get their health back again. So while I continue my business education, I want to continue my health education.

The 4 hour body approaches health from a “MED” approach. Something I really appreciate as the “MED” approach is what truly set Ashley and I free in business. MED stands for “minimal effective dose.” Which is a stark contrast to what I originally was taught in business. Which was essentially - “It’s not about how little you can get away with, it’s how MUCH you can do.”

There is so much wrong with that statement in terms of profitability it’s not even funny.

Anyway, if you’re looking to get more out of your health and looking for the “MED” way to do it, I recommend picking this up. I’m not completed yet, but so far, my recommendation is high.

Have a great weekend,

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